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A Little Collection of Stories

I'm a college senior who has an unhealthy obsession with Darren Criss, Klaine, Blaine Anderson, corgi puppies and margaritas.
Apr 7 '15

Three Years

Summary: AU of The Needle and the Damage Done Verse. Blaine left three years ago and never came back. The last place Kurt thought he would find him was high as a kite in an alley in New York. 

Prompt: my—own—patronus: I’ve got a Needle and Damage Done prompt for you if you’re still taking them. In an earlier drabble (post/46822562891/the-needle-and-the-damage-done-drabble) Blaine talks about how he could have ended up “a whore living on the street sucking cock for drugs”. So maybe an au where he doesn’t od and doesn’t go to rehab and he end up on the streets, and (years maybe) later Kurt or Cooper finds him and helps him recover and heal.

Warnings: Drug use, addiction, unsafe sex, talk of noncon

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Apr 2 '15

Something’s Coming

Summary: The football team was forced to help out at West Side Story. Kurt didn’t mind so much. 

Prompt: In which Kurt is a closeted jock (though not a jerk, just trying to fight the game of survival) while Blaine is the theater geek :D You can do whatever you want with this!

Warnings: Homophobia

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Apr 1 '15

One, Two, Three

Summary: Gemini Verse. Their first time Kurt, Carson, and Blaine are together. 

Prompt: Welp, Options was awesome. Can you write their first very awkward time cuddling/kissing/having sex?
Prompt: Gemini & Options promt (if you’re still taking them) The warblers find out Blaine is dating Kurt, but also sees him with Carson. They come to the conclusion that Blaine is cheating on Kurt - with his own twin. Cue angst and anger, and Kurt and Carson cornering the warblers and setting things straight. (Bonus for a scene where they link arms with Blaine and kiss his cheeks at the same time in front of stunned warblers)

Warnings: Threesome, graphic sex, incest

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Mar 26 '15


Summary: Blaine knew he was a sex addict and now his husband did too.

Prompt: Sex addict Blaine ?
Prompt: After Klaine gets married blaine cheats on Kurt a lot and Kurt finds out but stays with Blaine because he’s a sex addict and can’t help it. Everyone in the new directions tried to help him get better. Can u add Blaine coming home from having sex with a guy and he just holds Kurt while he cries and says he’s sorry

Warnings: Graphic sex, sex addiction, infidelity

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Mar 26 '15


Summary: A dinner out with his son and new son-in-law introduces Burt to some of the…stranger people in his son’s past. 

Prompt: Would you please write Burt meeting walter, and then later after he and kurt broke up him seeing both kurt and blaine and congratulating them/being thrilled. Would love if he gave them a check, since he knows how hard it is to be newlyweds.

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Mar 25 '15


Summary: Sequel to For Better or Worse. Their life had been drastically changed by the lottery and a visitor changed everything even more. 

Prompt: Sequel to For Better of Worse: After Blaine recovers, Kurt is truly happy for the first time, just going on real dates with his boyfriend, shopping for nice clothes, dreaming of their wedding and planning their futures. But their peace doesn’t last long, because a few days after they move into their beautiful new house, a congressman from Ohio shows up at their door, telling a crazy story and claiming to be the father Kurt never met.

Warnings: Past homelessness, abuse, kidnapping, mental illness 

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Mar 25 '15


Summary: Sequel to Feelings. Blaine’s father visits the Atlantis expedition and Kurt protects someone else for the first time. 

Prompt: I loved your previous Stargate fics, but I especially loved the last one! (And I have migraines too). I’d love a sequel where maybe Blaine’s father goes to Atlantis and Kurt confronts him (established Klaine)
Prompt: Hi! ‘Feelings’ was awesome! Since this hits basically everything epic I’d like to prompt a fic in the same au, with basically just anything dealing with a relationship build up, and cuddling (because I sorely missed that part from the prompt)

Warnings: Wraith!Kurt, homoph obia

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Mar 21 '15

Big Brothers

Summary: Chances Verse. Blaine has a talk with Henry about the new baby. 

Prompt: Can you do a chances!verse where Blaine spends time with Henry before he has April. To show him that while things will change and their family will grow It doesn’t mean Henry is any less important to him? Maybe Henry feels his little sister kick for the first time. Just a cute father and son fic (:

Warnings: Mpreg!Blaine

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Mar 21 '15

Long Distance

Summary: Being in a different city from your husband was hard, being in a different city from your pregnant husband while something was wrong was harder. 

Prompt: Could you do a mpreg!Blaine where Kurt and Blaine are in different cities because Kurt is traveling for work and they have to skype each other an Blaine starts having braxton hicks contractions while in a call with Kurt and he thinks it’s real labor and Blaine accidentally ends the call and leaves for the hospital and forgets his phone as he goes. Leaving Kurt super worried trying to get a hold of him. this is a long prompt sorry!

Warnings: Mpreg!Blaine

A wide grin spread across Kurt’s face as the notification popped up on his screen.

Incoming call from Blaine Anderson.

He didn’t waste any time in settling back against the headboard and clicking on the notification. Blaine’s handsome face came into focus, his eyes bright and happy behind his glasses.

“Hey you!” Blaine grinned.

“Hi you two,” Kurt felt that familiar ache in his chest as he watched Blaine smooth a hand over his belly. “How are you feeling?”

“Fat, sore, cranky, hungry,” he said but had a smile on his face. “Tell me about Chicago.”

“It’s windy,” Kurt leaned in closer to the camera. “But the show is going so well. My designs are a hit and I got two more of them in the show.”

“Look at you mister famous designer,” Blaine’s eyes softened. “You’re doing it Kurt.”

“Enough about me, you know I’ll text you pictures from the show tomorrow,” he waved his hand. “Tell me how you’re doing. Are Santana and Rachel being sane?”

Blaine had protested in the beginning, claiming that he could take care of himself but it had been a difficult pregnancy and Kurt insisted that the girls checked in on him daily. He wished so badly to be able to help Blaine through his first pregnancy but the tour was too good to pass up.

“She brought over kale salad today even though she knows I hate it,” Blaine rolled his eyes. “I don’t care if that’s all she eats, it’s disgusting. Maybe I want to eat chicken wings, why is that so bad? I can’t wait until you come home next week.”

“Me neither,” Kurt knew he was grinning like an idiot.

“Then you can rub my feet and bring my curly fries,” Blaine laughed, leaning back in the bed. “And I really, really, really miss you.”

“I’ll do whatever you want me to hun,” Kurt took the moment to just look at his husband. It was cheesy but Blaine was really glowing. He had never seen his husband so beautiful and every look he had took his breath away.

Then something strange rippled across Blaine’s face and he placed a hand to his stomach, rubbing slightly. There was a beat and then he gasped, leaned over and threw a hand out which turned off the Skype connection.

Kurt sat there in shock for a moment before what he saw finally caught up to his brain.

Was Blaine having a contraction? Was something wrong? Was he hurt?

In a panic, Kurt scrambled for his phone and dialed Blaine’s number, trying hard to not think of all the horrible scenarios that could be happening.

“Hi! You’ve reached Blaine. I can’t come to the phone right now but if you leave your name and number I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!”

“Hi! You’ve reached Blaine. I can’t come to the phone right now-“

“Hi! You’ve reached Blaine. I can’t-“

“Hi! You’ve reached-“


His heart pounded painfully in his chest as he sent text after text to Blaine then Rachel and Santana. The minutes stretched to nearly an hour while Kurt felt himself go slowly insane. He had never felt so powerless in his entire life. Halfway across the country his husband was hurting and he couldn’t help him.

Then his phone vibrated with a new call from an unknown number and his heart stopped. This had to be the hospital. God, they had to be calling with bad news.

His hands shook so badly that it was hard to answer.

“Kurt?” The relief at hearing Blaine’s voice made his eyes water. “Hi, sorry about that. I didn’t bring my phone.”

“What’s happening?” He wasn’t proud of how strained his voice sounded.

“I’m going to begin by saying that I’m totally okay,” he continued softly. “I thought I was having contractions and freaked out so I went to the hospital. It’s fine. They were Braxton-Hicks contractions, nothing bad. The doctors say we’re both fine.”

“Thank God,” Kurt let out a long breath. “You scared me!”

“I scared myself,” Blaine let out a shaky laugh. “I’m fine though.”

“I’m buying a ticket,” Kurt grabbed his laptop, opening it quickly.

“No honey, no,” Blaine sighed. “You have your big show tomorrow, your last one. Just finish it and come home after. I’ll be fine. Rachel has already promised to bring me some radish soup which sounds frankly awful but nice of her.”

“Are you sure?” Kurt hated the separation.

“Of course,” Blaine whispered. “As much as I love you and want you to come back this is a huge move for you. You’re so close to your dream Kurt. Just one more day.”

“I’m babying you though,” Kurt promised. “You won’t lift a finger. You won’t take a step.”

“Fine, I’ll indulge you,” he could hear the smile in Blaine’s voice and it finally lifted the fear in his chest.

Mar 20 '15


Summary: Cooper knew this was better. It was better to be the flight, self obsessed brother who left than the dad who wasn’t there. 

Prompt: Cooper is actually Blaine’s biological father after a teen pregnancy. Prompt! - Blaine was raised by his grandparents (believing they’re his real parents and Cooper is his brother). Blaine finds out when Cooper is talking to an unconscious Blaine (after Sadie Hawkins) and Blaine wakes up halfway through. Everybody had honest intentions with Blaine’s best interests at heart as well as Cooper’s. Blaine takes the news hard but understands why they did it.

Warnings: Young teen pregnancy, hate crime, hospital

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